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The aim of such a Pandemic Flu Plan is to ensure continuation of services under these strenuous conditions with minimum downtime and to ensure that there is an appropriate response by management to the effects of a Pandemic flu outbreak.

According to official sources, a flu pandemic could affect up to 25% of the workforce and threaten all of our essential services including hospitals, water and power supplies, telephone services, food distribution and retailing.

How would your organisation survive if 25% of your workforce came down with pandemic flu?
Pandemic Flu Planning
A Pandemic Flu outbreak has the potential to severely affect UK business, its employees and their families.

It is essential for business owners to safeguard against this scenario which requires specific planning so that business owners can protect their operations and the health of their employees.
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You never know when "business as usual" may cease, whether itís a result of a pandemic or natural disaster.

Pandemic Flu Planning is essential.
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